Sunday, December 11, 2011

Free E-Book on December 17th!

On December 17th, The Wild Rose Press 
is offering  
RETRIBUTION! Book One of The Champion Chronicles as a FREE E-BOOK

The Champion Chronicles Trilogy is one unique hero’s journey through a deadly showdown with evil, both without and within. Michael Malone has walked the earth for 300 years. He is a formidable creature of the night. Two hundred years into his reign of terror, the vampire is shown his own miserable soul—and he wants it back.

Mystically enhanced, Michael learns to control the beast within, and alone, he fumbles through his new existence. Manipulated by a Dark Seer, he fathers a boy child, but moments after birth, Lukas is taken from his arms, hidden from the evil ones and kept safe. Haunting the dimensional hub, hoping to some day glimpse his son, Michael observes a girl walking with her father. And drawn to her innocence, he later learns Alana is a Guardian of Souls, a mystical hunter of demons that bring death and mayhem to this dimension.

He waits. He watches. And as Alana Ciminio begins her own mystical journey, they fall in love. But this is a forbidden love, and when he finally walks away from her, the mystically enhanced vampire seeks revenge. For his son Lukas, for the evil ones who want his Guardian dead.

Retribution! opens with Michael’s personal battle of attrition. One against many. Captured and poisoned, the same angel who taught him to master the beast within guides his fading spirit to survival. But Michael’s destiny is about to be rewritten.

Will this Champion embrace the challenge?
Will he surrender to the love in his soul?
Will he allow his Guardian to lead him home?  

                  Book Three: HIS SOUL TO KEEP

               Happily Ever After Guaranteed!

                    for exciting romantic stories 
                         and free e-books daily 
                              through December 17th

Friday, November 11, 2011

Author Talk - November 15th

I'll be speaking about writing at FELICIAN COLLEGE on Tuesday, November 15th, 2011. The presentation, complete with Power Point, will be held from 6 - 7 pm in the Lodi Campus Library.

Felician College has an Author's Club with 20 aspiring writers. How great is that? Since I'm a graduate of Immaculate Conception HS, this is perhaps one of the most thrilling experiences - to be back on the beautiful Felician Campus.

A writer often uses life experiences in their novels. For anyone who has read Retribution! there is a scene where Michael talks about his most malicious act as a creature of the night. When writing that passage, memories of sitting in the convent's Chapel, a holy place of prayer, came back as vivid as it was 43 years ago. I wrote Michael's memory of that fateful night well aware of the juxtaposition of something soulless in the midst of pure serenity. It became the crucial reason why he wanted to destroy himself and the demon within. Instead, the vampire regained his soul. That was also the point in my first book where I knew there would be a second book to continue Michael's journey of redemption. Little did I realize there would be a third book as well.

The presentation is about the journey into writing a novel, a few things I've learned along the way, and some tips about editing. The event is open to the public.
Please join me and the Author's Club if you can.

Felician College Library ~ 262 South Main St. Lodi, NJ 07644
Tuesday night, November 15th 6 - 7 pm.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


The Vampire's Touch, Shela Sky's spicy novella releases October 5, 2011 from The Wild Rose Press. Early reviews are spectacular ~
"I didn't want to stop reading even after I got to 'The End." Ms. Sky drew me into her world and never let me go." Linda J. Parisi, author of Noble Blood, 2009 Golden Leaf Winner
"Loved it, with its twists and turns in a Yule season like no other." Melina Morel, author of Smolder
"Shela Sky weaves an intense and sensual story. The Vampire's Touch is a MUST READ!" - Jenn Nixon, author of Lucky's Charm                                

E-Book Only! $3.75

M. Flagg's His Soul to Keep has two new HOT REVIEWS!

"This book is the best of the trilogy. There are some good action scenes. There are also plenty of love scenes. I love Lukas and the Guardians as well as Thorn and Celia." Angie, RomFanReviews 
"To be honest, I love this book. I found the characters fascinating, the dialogue engaging, and the subplot integration wonderfully executed. His Soul to Keep is a great read." Nocturne Reads

Check out the complete Champion Chronicles Trilogy and a free read Friday the Thirteenth at:

The Champion Chronicles are available in print and e-book.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Hot RELEASE (day)!

Driving home from work, I watched the temperature soar past 100 and then 103! 
Hot day, right? 
Well, it's even HOTTER with the release of the final installment of The Champion Chronicles: 
So crank up the air conditioner, boot up the e-reader, and enjoy a romantic tale.
The buy link at TWRP:

You could also leave a comment about our sizzling weather or how you think this steamy ex-vamp will come to grips with life, love, and his pursuit of 'happily-ever-after' and you'll be entered to win a free copy of the e-book: His Soul to Keep. 

Thanks for stopping by!
M. Flagg    

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Good News to share!

Mickey's news: Yes. I broke down and entered Book Two in
The PRISM contest a few months ago. Then I was pleasantly surprised to see a 5 STAR READER REVIEW on Amazon:

"I'm so glad I got this one. It was beautifully written, emotional, and hard to put down. 
This is a writer to watch!"
Thank you, Nancy Brandt! 

HIS SOUL TO KEEP will be released
July 22, 2011 
This is the final installment in
Look for it at
Amazon or Barnes and Noble
(Print and E-book format)

BTW: I'm currently writing a second thesis  and a YA entitled "The Gray Queen's Song"
Guess which one I'd rather write :)
Stay tuned ~ Mickey
Shela's news: THE VAMPIRE'S TOUCH has a release date: OCTOBER 5, 2011
This spicy Novella will be available in e-book only at
Price ($3.75)

Early reviews have been fantastic! I'm currently writing "Black Orchid" another paranormal novella. No. I am NOT writing anything close to a thesis!

Love and hugs - Shela

Friday, April 22, 2011

Please join me...

Part of being an author is promotion, and then, more promotion. 
I'm thrilled to announce the following happenings - and all in the span of two days!
APRIL 28, 2011
Interview at 
Ms. Nixon asks some tough questions. 
Drop in and see how I do!

Blogtalk Radio interview with the lovely and gracious Daria DiGiovanni. Here's the promo for the link. The interview is slated for 11am.
Sign in to participate, but you'll be able to access the interview later on. I'll post the link.

APRIL 29, 2011
"Don't we always write what we know?" Hum... I write vampires... 
Author Chris Redding has a terrific blog. I'll sign in from time to time and I look forward to your comments!


FRIDAY NIGHT 7:00 - 10:00 pm
Union High School, Union NJ 
Join us for an enjoyable evening of shopping as well. Some great gift ideas just in time for Mother's Day!
Thanks for stopping by! ~ Mickey

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Congratulations, Shela!! The Vampire's Touch has a cover by my favorite artist at The Wild Rose Press, Angela Anderson. She's done a terrific job on all three covers in The Champion Chronicles Trilogy and I was thrilled to find out that she delivered Shela's cover as well. 

THE VAMPIRE'S TOUCH, Shela Sky's debut novella, is a sensual paranormal romance between Genevieve Morgan, a good witch, and Drummond Laborde, a mysterious creature of the night. The setting is Yule, also known as Christmastime. Early reviews have been great. So feast your eyes and do stop back to read one of those early reviews soon.