Sunday, December 11, 2011

Free E-Book on December 17th!

On December 17th, The Wild Rose Press 
is offering  
RETRIBUTION! Book One of The Champion Chronicles as a FREE E-BOOK

The Champion Chronicles Trilogy is one unique hero’s journey through a deadly showdown with evil, both without and within. Michael Malone has walked the earth for 300 years. He is a formidable creature of the night. Two hundred years into his reign of terror, the vampire is shown his own miserable soul—and he wants it back.

Mystically enhanced, Michael learns to control the beast within, and alone, he fumbles through his new existence. Manipulated by a Dark Seer, he fathers a boy child, but moments after birth, Lukas is taken from his arms, hidden from the evil ones and kept safe. Haunting the dimensional hub, hoping to some day glimpse his son, Michael observes a girl walking with her father. And drawn to her innocence, he later learns Alana is a Guardian of Souls, a mystical hunter of demons that bring death and mayhem to this dimension.

He waits. He watches. And as Alana Ciminio begins her own mystical journey, they fall in love. But this is a forbidden love, and when he finally walks away from her, the mystically enhanced vampire seeks revenge. For his son Lukas, for the evil ones who want his Guardian dead.

Retribution! opens with Michael’s personal battle of attrition. One against many. Captured and poisoned, the same angel who taught him to master the beast within guides his fading spirit to survival. But Michael’s destiny is about to be rewritten.

Will this Champion embrace the challenge?
Will he surrender to the love in his soul?
Will he allow his Guardian to lead him home?  

                  Book Three: HIS SOUL TO KEEP

               Happily Ever After Guaranteed!

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