The Vampire’s Touch
Shela Sky
The Wild Rose Press
Novella e-book only! $3.75
Reviewed by Anne Carole, author
Can an independent-minded woman find love and security in the arms of a dangerous loner? And what if she’s a witch ostracized from her Wiccan clan and he’s a vampire who still controls his soul?
These are questions Genevieve Morgan must answer after Drummond Laborde saves her daughter, Lydia, from the fangs of one of his kind, another vampire. The attraction between the two is instantaneous and intense, foreshadowed in cryptic legends. Yet how can a witch and a vampire ever become mates?
They not only exist in two distinctly different worlds, but they want different things. Genevieve has chosen to isolate herself from her Wiccan clan, has chosen not to belong to anyone. While she thinks this is being self-reliant, it is really the result of her stubborn choices, some of them, like her former affair with an egotistical musician, misguided. Drummond on the other hand longs to belong again to a family and curses the segregation necessitated by his own misguided choice of a lover long ago that resulted in his joining the undead. He was robbed of any choice in the matter.

Though destiny might have brought them together to protect Genevieve’s gifted young daughter, reality may pull them apart when the shadowy underworld propels both of them into its dangerous depths in a fight for their very existence.

Shela Sky has created a vivid world populated by intriguing, fully realized characters. Genevieve’s independent streak will seem familiar to anyone who has defied parents in pursuing their own dreams. Drummond’s loneliness will ring true to anyone who has experienced loss in their lives.

I sat down intending to read just a few chapters for the moment and ended up devouring the whole story because I just couldn’t put it down. The Vampire’s Touch is fast paced, sensuous, and filled with that delicious tension that keeps you turning the pages. A keeper.