Friday, July 22, 2011

Hot RELEASE (day)!

Driving home from work, I watched the temperature soar past 100 and then 103! 
Hot day, right? 
Well, it's even HOTTER with the release of the final installment of The Champion Chronicles: 
So crank up the air conditioner, boot up the e-reader, and enjoy a romantic tale.
The buy link at TWRP:

You could also leave a comment about our sizzling weather or how you think this steamy ex-vamp will come to grips with life, love, and his pursuit of 'happily-ever-after' and you'll be entered to win a free copy of the e-book: His Soul to Keep. 

Thanks for stopping by!
M. Flagg    


  1. Happy release day!! Personally, I think these sweltering days can be compared to what it must be like in the belly of a dragon: scorching hot with suffocating humidity. ;)

  2. Thanks, Maeve! I adore dragons,and I THOROUGHLY enjoyed your entry in the RT Competition. Uh, voted for you as well! Congratulations and continued success with your writing. I personally can't resist anything in a kilt. ~ M

  3. I'm in AL and it's extremely hot. The sad part is that even at night, it's still hot. Oh, how I wish it would rain.

    Big congrats on your new release!

  4. Oh you poor people! The heat wave is all over the news but so hard to imagine at the moment. We're in the midst of Winter here in New Zealand, with snow on the mountains just visible in the distance.

    Hope the weather breaks for you guys soon!

  5. I posted on FB that 7/22 was the hottest day of the decade. I was wrong. It was NJ's hottest day in recorded history. Yes. Rain would be nice.
    Thanks for the good wishes, Tara.
    Happy writing! ~M

  6. Snow on the mountains. Winter. How I wish... Sounds like an awesome view to inspire some great stories. I'm hoping this heat breaks soon, too!
    Thanks for stopping by. ~M

  7. Congratulations, Auntie Mickey! What an accomplishment!

  8. Thanks, Tori. The print book released 7/27/11. And speaking about accomplishments, I'm very proud of you! Keep up the good work :)~ Auntie M.